Meet our SNMBA leadership, we hope to see you out on the trails!!

16 Questions with the SNMBA Elected Board:

President – Dave Spicer 

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Vice President – Armina Grewell (

  1. What are you currently riding? Ibis Mojo
  2. Favorite trail/ride? Cottonwood
  3.  If you could ride anywhere, where would you ride? Oregon
  4. Full suspension or hard tail? Full suspension 
  5. Where is the most exotic place you’ve ridden? Is Moab exotic?
  6. Last crash? Today 
  7. Tube or tubeless? Tubeless, duh
  8. Clipless or platform? Platform
  9. 27.5 or 29? 27.5
  10. Shoe of choice? 5 ten
  11. If you could change one thing on your bike, what would it be? Better wheels
  12. If you could instantly have one skill, what would it be? To be less of a baby on the gnarly stuff
  13. What obstacle have you finally overcome? A couple of step ups
  14. What advice do you have for anyone looking to ride in Southern Nevada? Connect with local bike shops to find out about trails and rides, and enjoy it! 
  15. What do you like best about mountain biking? Being outdoors, and the ability to push myself to be better than the last time
  16. Dream bike? I’m riding it still!

Treasurer – Jennifer Garcia (

  1. What are you currently riding? Ellsworth
  2. Favortie trail/ride? Easy peasy = scenic rides; Challenging = Bootleg; Wanting to face death = Bike park ?
  3. If you could ride anywhere, where would you ride? I think New Zealand would be amazing!
  4. Full suspension or hardtail? Full suspension
  5. Where is the most exotic place you’ve ridden? I wouldn’t consider this to be exotic, but Oregon has some amazing trails
  6. Last crash? February 12th. One should not multitask while riding. Adjusting elbow pads while rolling through a lose corner…not so wise
  7. Tube or tubeless? Tubeless
  8. Clipless or platform? Clip in
  9. 27.5 or 29? 27.5
  10. Show of choice? Stilettos or clipless
  11. If you could change one thing on your bike, what would it be? 2x to a 1x 
  12. If you could instantly have one skill, what would it be? The skill to DROP it like it’s hot (on a bike)
  13. What obstacle have you finally overcome? Being able to ride with a group of guys. When I first started riding I was intimidated to ride with a group of males, now I see that regardless of the gender, we are all out there to just have fun. We have an amazing mountain biking community! Everyone supports, cheers, and helps when needed.
  14. What advice do you have for anyone looking to ride in Southern Nevada? Ride tubeless, pack sun screen, have plenty of water, and don’t scare the tortoises ?  
  15. Dream bike? I’m lovin’ my ride right now…

Non-elected Board Members


Jon Blum – Legal Advisor

Jon has served on the Board of SNMBA since its founding in 2010.  He got his first mountain bike in the early 1990’s in Southern California (Nishiki something or other).  He rekindled his mountain biking interest while living in Colorado, and has been riding trails in Vegas and Southern Utah since moving here in 2005.  After 5 years, he retired and bought a Pivot Mach 429, and can be found at all of our local trails, from Cottonwood and Cowboy, to Bear’s Best and Bootleg.  Favorite MTB destination: Sedona. Preferred wheel size: 29” and proud. Racing accomplishments: None.  Longest MTB ride – 55 miles in Prescott. He’s a roadie too, but only sometimes.  Jon is very proud of the growth and accomplishments of SNMBA, and knows we are on the verge of big things in 2017.

Patrick Kell – IMBA Southwest Regional Director

IMBAs Southwest Regional Director grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and started riding there in 1992. He studied Geography at John Moores University in Liverpool, England and also spend 9 months working on community service and wildlife management projects in Zimbabwe and Namibia. During summer 1999 Patrick worked for the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps at Silver Lake State Park, Barnard, VT and stayed with the youth corps until 2006, working in various positions including Program Manager and Grants Director. Patrick was also involved in several local mountain bike clubs in Vermont, along with the state-wide organization, the Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA). In late 2006 he began working for VMBA as the first Executive Director of that organization, focused on legalizing trails on state land; developing new access in the Green Mountain National Forest; hosting a mountain bike development conference for ski resorts from throughout the northeast; and presenting an annual festival and movie nights. Patrick stayed with VMBA until fall 2011, and then started with IMBA as Southwest Regional Director in early 2012. Patrick is currently based in Prescott, AZ working on all manner of mountain bike advocacy projects including trails master planning projects in Caliente, and NV, Kanab, UT and a bike park in Tucson, AZ all in conjunction with local IMBA chapters. Patrick is stoked on the IMBA moto ‘long live long rides’ and rides regularly, sometimes a quick spin on local trails and sometimes long distance backcountry epic rides.