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Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and the trails of Bootleg Canyon: These are three of the man-made wonders of southern Nevada.Local trail builder Brent Thomson and associates have created an extensive network of both cross-country and downhill-specific trails (including Elevator Shaft’s 22 percent grade!) that have been hailed as some of the best in the nation. Bootleg Canyon is one of IMBA’s Epic Rides. There are 36 miles of trail in all a network of interconnecting trails that can be linked in countless ways to make a ride of any length and difficulty. You can even shuttle to the top.The cross-country trails-East and West Legs, Lake View and Mother Trail, among others are beautiful, flowing singletrack lines with technical spurs for riders who want to add serious challenges to their day. Ride up to the DH start box used in Bootleg Canyon’s active race series for the best view, as Boulder City, Lake Mead and even Las Vegas unfold below you.

Trails in this park:

Cross Country

  • Mother
  • P.O.W.
  • Par None
  • I.M.B.A.
  • West leg
  • Girlscout
  • Caldera
  • East leg
  • Boyscout
  • Skyline
  • Powerpole
  • Upper Lake View
  • Middle Lake View
  • Lower Lake View


  • Armageddon
  • Diva
  • Ginger
  • G-String
  • Kevorkian
  • Ona Lee
  • Poopchute
  • Reaper
  • Snakeback/Sidewinder