Thank you for visiting SNMBA and looking at what Las Vegas and surrounding areas have to offer for you and your ride. First, before we can tell you who SNMBA is, what we do, and where we are, let’s tell you about who we are not: We are not the strip. We are not a hotel. We are not glitzy and glamorous. And we are not a slot machine. We are everything you don’t know about Las Vegas. Driving west for 20 miles from The Strip (or let’s say the airport) is Red Rock Canyon and it’s world class rock climbing and epic beauty. It is the backdrop to miles and miles of mountain biking in Cottonwood and Blue Diamond with breathtaking views in every direction. Turn 20 miles south you arrive in gnarly IMBA Classic Bootleg Canyon in wonderful Boulder City, home to Round 1 of the USA Cycling Pro Gravity Tour, the racing series for the National DH Championship. 30 miles north, and 12,000 feet up is Mount Charleston, a place you do not expect as you drove or flew into our home. Juniper and Bristlecone pines surround you as will wild horses and the ever present deer. You will feel temps that can be 40 degrees cooler and singletrack that can be ridden as high as 9,200 feet! And three hours in any direction is Southern Utah (St. George, Gooseberry, Zion), Big Bear, CA, Brian Head, UT, and the Grand Canyon with Sedona being a tad further. Six hours is Moab, Phoenix, Mammoth Mountain and the beaches of SoCal. So you can say, we are the center of it all!

We are high desert and have a 12-month riding schedule. Call us spoiled. Our monsoon season is late summer, and our winter runs from December – March with temps in the low 40’s (“cold” snaps to the low 30’s). The hot months are mid June – late September with some hot spells thereafter. But it’s a “dry” heat (yeah, like an oven my mom says). Early morning and night rides are very common during the hot months, so bring your lights! Our trail networks vary in many ways and our geography is typically dry and rocky. They are their own style that is unlike anywhere else. Other parts of North America have soil and terrain that are recognizable just from photos. So are ours. We are an ancient basin for a long ago ocean, so when you are riding trails don’t be surprised if you come across a fossil or two from that former sea. But don’t fret, the trails are wonderfully kept and there is a trail for everyone.

Now, WHO we are. SNMBA is the Nevada chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). We’re a trail advocacy group who works closely with all the local bike groups, shops, riders, adventurers, conservationists, hikers, county and state officials and the Bureau of Land Management to enhance the availability and use of the beautiful Nevada country side. We’re also just a really cool group of Mountain Bikers who enjoy fellow riders, revelry, group rides, races and trail building.

Come ride with us. We’ll show you the Vegas beyond The Strip.